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Sell Your Property

We can take care of the whole process, from listing your property to managing buyers and driving your sale to completion.

1. Property evaluation

We take into account how much similar properties in your area have recently been sold for, and consider its condition and any extra work that’s been carried out.
This proves to be an accurate method, as we are able to achieve our customers’ agreed asking prices of their properties in most cases.

2. Marketing your property

We advertise your property in front of our visitors on Property4You, as almost all buyers now primarily look online for their next move.
Because  it’s important to look perfect and professional online, that’s why we will make sure your property is looking its best before going live.


3. Conducting viewings

You know more about your home than anyone, which is why most vendors prefer the opportunity to host their own viewings with our assistance.
If you don’t have the time, we can provide personal agent for you, which can help you through the selling process and get the best offer for your property.

4. Managing offers

When a buyer makes an offer on your home, we’ll notify you immediately.
Then it’s up to you to accept, if you’re happy with the offer, or reject if you deem the offer unsatisfactory.
Once an offer is finally accepted, it’s time to put your solicitor in touch with the buyer’s solicitor, and the conveyancing process begins.

5. Conveyancing & Finalisation process

Your solicitor will prepare a draft contract of the sale and send to the buyer’s solicitor, who will then raise any enquiries they have about your property.
But reaching an agreement is also heavily dependant on the overall process.
One single fall through could cause the whole process to collapse, so it’s important each solicitor is on top of their own sale.

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