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Let Us Manage Your Property

Choosing the right Property Management company is your first important step of maintaining and defense, not only to protect your investment, but to run the operation smoothly in a cost effective way to maximize your profit, keep your property in excellent condition and increase its value all the time.

We have a unique set of services designed to achieve exceptional results.
For the management fee you pay, we will make sure that you won’t have to deal with the following concerns :

  • Full check of the tenants and the demand for appropriate guarantees and collateral
  • Taking care of tenant complaints and ongoing handling of all malfunctions and maintenance problems
  • Regular collection of rental payments
  • Monitoring and attention to violations, accidents and changes in the leased property
  • Identifying the violations of the contract in case of protected tenants
  • Constant renewal of leases and secure valid contracts
  • In the case of a building management – includes public space, stairwell, elevator and lobby
  • Modifying contract without paying lawyer fees
  • Dealing with various authorities – municipality, water corporation, electricity, etc.
  • Significantly reduced costs by professionals and renovators
  • Full bookkeeping and the preparation of well-organised annual financial report for the accountant
  • Advance tax payment and VAT treatment in the case of a business lease
  • Legal advising in every aspect related to the property
  • Tax consulting and tracking

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