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How to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

Posted by admin on February 28, 2020
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With the new technologies and improvements of homes, there are more and more ways to take care of your home with minimal effort or to completely forget about housework and trusting the technologies that will set you off and you will feel safe until you are gone or while resting on the couch.

There are cameras, vacuum cleaners, speakers, and many other things to make your home smarter by controlling everything through your smartphone.

We’ve rounded up a list with several smart devices so that your home becomes smart and your first assistant when you are chilling at home or away.


1. Alexa/Google Home

Certainly, when it comes to smart devices, Alexa and Google Home are on top of the list.

These smart speakers are becoming more and more popular for use at homes, and are quite easy to use for both kids and adults.

The difference between them is that Alexa is an Amazon device and connected to it, while the other is connected to Google, but both work with similar music platforms like Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, etc.

Smart speakers can connect to the lighting system in the house, and by speaking you can switch off and adjust the entire lighting process, as well as many other appliances in the home, such as heating.

Some devices have a screen on which you can watch videos while cooking in the kitchen or ask for some recipes you want to see, as well as in any other situation where you just prefer to ask and use your voice instead of grabbing a phone.

You can ask these devices for the time and the weather all around the world, for interesting facts, to set it as an alarm clock, and many other options.


2. Smart bulbs and smart window curtains

With the Smart Bulbs, you can control the entire lighting process in your home by choosing whether to take a single color bulb or those that change their color so that you can choose the right color and luminous intensity the way you like it.

The colored light bulbs are extremely suitable for the bedroom, with which you can create a romantic atmosphere, as well as in the bathroom or turning on your favorite color for relaxation.

In addition to light bulbs, you can also control the windows curtains or blinds when you want to dim the room or bring in more light only through your smartphone or through smart devices like Google Home, Alexa and more.

With these devices, you can turn on the lamps sometimes when you are on a vacation so that people do not notice your absence and eliminate the chance of theft.

Some smart bulbs also have a timer as well as a motion sensor, so if it is placed outside or in the hallways and someone passes, it will turn on.


3. Smartphone projector

The projector can be displayed on any surface and you can control everything on the surface by touch.

You can watch movies on the wall by enlarging the screen or read the news on your table.

This projector is also ideal for people who spend most of their time in the kitchen, as you can open a recipe or video directly on the hob and control the screen again from the hob, which makes the whole process easier and does not have to touch devices with dirty hands.


4. Wifi camera

For some people, a home camera means constant surveillance and in most cases makes people feel uncomfortable in their own homes, but it does guarantee your safety when you are not at home but also guarantees the safety of your children.

The camera connects to your home wifi, and you can watch it live from your smartphone, wherever you are.

When you’re away from home with your camera turned on near the door, you can see if something is wrong with your home or someone is trying to get in.

If you have small children, you can always make sure that they are safe if they are in the next room, ensuring calmness for you.

It is your choice to take one camera to move where necessary or to place several in more rooms.

Another good security tool is the outdoor camera, with which you can watch anyone passing by or is at the front door.

These cameras usually include night vision and some are built into the bell system, so you can get one when you buy a smart bell.


5. Smart mirror

For all of you who love to spend a long time in the shower, bath or just bored while brushing your teeth, smart mirrors are perfect to diversify your time in the bathroom.

With the smart mirrors, you can watch videos or listen to your favorite songs, and they also have LED lighting which brightness you can control.


6. Bluetooth thermometer

The ordinary thermometers that you need to hold for a while before measuring your temperature are long gone and there are new modern ones that take their places.

Bluetooth thermometers are usually stickers that you attach and can monitor your or your child’s temperature directly from your smartphone throughout the day.

There are also electronic thermometers that read your temperature almost immediately if you decide not to put stickers on you.


7. Smart Cooker

Cooking with a smart cooker will make your cooking much easier and will save you a lot of time you would otherwise spend standing in front of the stove, watching your eating and constantly stirring as needed.

There are many types of smart cookers that are priced differently, and you can find the perfect one for you according to your budget.

Their functions are similar, and it will make your cooking process much easier.


8. Heated toilet seat

Some things you might not even assume are already made and are on sale.

A heated toilet seat is a fact and is a big advantage, especially during the winter months.

You can also find some toilet seats with a lighting system.


9. Air cleaner

Lately, the air is pretty dirty, not only in Bulgaria but almost everywhere in the world.

Homes are often dusty and not very clean as the air from outside enters our homes.

Air cleaners are very useful and necessary technology as it monitors the levels of air pollution and purifies it to a human-safe level.

It is important to breathe freely and live in the area with fresh air, and this can happen at least in your home.

Air cleaners come in all shapes, sizes, and prices so you can choose the right one for your home and budget.

If the air in your home is too dry, you can also use air humidifiers to keep it cool.


10. Smoke alarm

A smoke alarm will add calmness in your home if you don’t have one already.

Small devices are installed in the ceiling of each room so that when the room is in smoke, the alarm goes off and sounds loud so you can take action and manage the situation on time.

Often, the alarm is activated by a light smoke, so when smoking it is a good idea to deactivate it or to avoid smoking near it.


11. Smart fridge

A lot of families have already trusted smart TVs and they are a part of their daily lives, allowing them easy access to the Internet and watching their favorite movies and TV series.

Do you know what smart fridge is and why you should choose it instead of a normal one?

Most smart refrigerators offer plenty of options that will make it easier for you in the kitchen as well as before you go to the supermarket, as they will tell you what are the products in the fridge so you know what else to buy.

They are also smart enough to let you know when there is an expired food and it’s time to throw it away.


12. Robot vacuum cleaner

Cleaning can sometimes be quite annoying, especially after cooking or eating when crumbs and junk have fallen on the ground.

With a robot vacuum cleaner, you won’t have to worry about cleaning, as it will do the job instead of you.

Once released, it will go around the room and clean any crumbs and rubbish that are on the floor.

Most robot vacuum cleaners are noiseless or the noise is quite gentle, allowing you to rest while it is working.


13. Smart washer and dryer

At first glance, it seems that the washing machine and the dryer have nothing more to help you with because they have already done enough. But in fact, they can be much more.

Find out when your washing machine is ready by receiving a notification directly on your smartphone or smart device, find out how much water is wasted with your laundry, and have access to the option to let it wash directly from your phone without being at home.


14. Smart device to get rid of insects

Collision with insects in our home, terrace or garden is a common problem and difficult to deal with.

During the summer, we are often surrounded by dangerous mosquitoes, which are a carrier of many diseases.

Putting on a smart device not only eliminates insects, but it also does not harm your home with toxic odors, sounds, etc.

You can control when to turn it on with your smartphone even when you’re away from home so that way it can remove the insects before you get home.


Turning your home into a smart home has many benefits, and the main goal is to make your daily life easier by providing device control through your smartphone, which is utilized as you can control what’s happening in your home even if you’re away.

Smart devices are suitable for every room and can be found in different price ranges, so you can choose the right ones according to your needs and your budget.

We recommend starting with one room, then adding more smart devices to the other rooms.

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