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How to stop a door from squeaking?

Posted by admin on March 31, 2021
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Squeaky doors can be very annoying and bring you unpleasant sounds, especially when you are resting or using the door often.

The reasons for squeaking can be many and varied – starting with the fact that the hinges are rusty and ending with improper installation or accumulated dirt.

If the creaking door is an entrance and is made of iron, then the most common reason is that moisture destroys the iron, which leads to an unpleasant sound.

If the door in your home creaks, check that it is installed correctly and clean it regularly because when the dirt stays for a long time, it leads to friction, which is reflected as a squeaking sound.

We will look at how you can eliminate the unpleasant sounds of creaking doors in your home or entrance in a few easy ways.

It is important to find the place where the squeaking occurs and to clean it very well, removing all the accumulated dirt.


1. Lubricate with motor oil or soap

This is an easy option, with which you do not need to disassemble the door.

Find the squeaky spot and apply motor oil or soap, which are proven methods of action in squeaking, but only if the creak is not so loud.

However, if you don’t know if the problem is serious, you can start by trying these two methods, and if it does not work out, continue with the other solutions below.


2. Grease

This is a fairly solid product, but it helps a lot with creaking doors.

It is used for processing moving elements and is suitable for doors, eliminating the squeak.


3. WD 40

Universal tool for the annoying creaking doors.

If the above methods did not help, try this, as it can be found as an oil, as well as a spray, depending on which you prefer.

Easy to use, but also effective, as it lubricates the hinges well and it starts working normally, as well as all other door mechanisms.


4. Ciatim

Another strong lubricant, also suitable for doors, helping extremely well on friction surfaces.

It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.


5. Graphite from a pencil

If you can’t buy the above products, you certainly have ordinary pencils at home.

Turn the graphite into a powder and sprinkle it on the problem area.

Although it is a home lubricant, in most cases it has a great effect, depending on how serious is the problem with your door.



We recommend you to start with home methods to eliminate door creaking if you think the problem is not serious.

Often these methods eliminate squeaking in an easy and fast way.

If these methods do not help, switch to the mentioned lubricants, which are sold in stores specially for this purpose.

They are stronger and will fix the problem instantly.

Remember to clean the area very well before applying any grease.

In some cases, it is good to clean the area with a wire sponge for greater efficiency.

For most products that you use to eliminate squeaking, it is a good idea to remove the door or, if possible, lift it while lubricating the problem zones.

This way the process will be most effective and the squeaking will be eliminated as much as possible.

Property4You team is here for you and you can feel free to ask questions or contact us if you need help with the annoying door creaking.

Author: Property4You


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