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How to Disinfect Your Home

Posted by admin on March 26, 2020
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Winter is an unfavorable period as it is cold and we easily manage to become infected with flu or viral infections that turn into epidemics.

This winter is different as it even reaches a pandemic with COVID-19 or still known as Coronavirus.

Whatever the bacterium is, it is important that our home is clean and we are calm that everything is disinfected.

Scientists say that COVID-19 can stay on the surface for hours, which includes your home when you have contact with the outside world.

The most important thing is to wash your hands with water and soap, that way you will kill the bacteria, but they may still be left in your clothes, bag or phone and you will bring and spread them in your home.

We’ll show you how to disinfect your home to kill all the germs, but first, it’s important to clean up and then disinfect.

Always wear gloves as some sprays may be harmful to the skin and ventilate the rooms well to avoid inhalation of chemicals.


Disinfectant liquids


  • The Bleach is one of the most powerful killers of bacteria and viruses, and you can apply it on almost any surface.

Add a liter of water and 4 teaspoons of bleach, then put the liquid in a spray bottle and shake it well.

After spraying the liquid on a surface or object, wait 10 minutes before wiping it with a wet cloth.

It is important not to mix the bleach with other disinfectant liquids as it can damage or discolor sensitive surfaces.

  • For devices such as a phone, laptop, or even remote controls, you can use wet wipes that contain more than 70% alcohol.

  • If you have an antibacterial hand gel, it is a strong disinfectant and it can be used to clean surfaces and objects by placing a little of it on a kitchen roll or cloth.

  • In stores, you can find special spray liquids that are antibacterial and are used for disinfection of all surfaces.

  • If you do not find any, their replacement is oxygen water, which has the same function as the disinfectant liquids.

  • Spirit is also a good disinfectant by adding a little water to it, and for a nice aroma, you can add essential oil.

  • Alcohol is a good disinfectant if it is more than 60 degrees. You can also dilute it with water and add aroma oil.

  • Water and soap are not only effective for hand washing but can also be a good disinfectant for any surface by making a mixture of water and soap and putting it in a spray bottle that can disinfect your home or part of it.


What are the things you should NOT miss to disinfect?


Items in your home

disinfectant door handles
Some items in the home and those we carry with us are most prone to catching germs, as they are often touched with dirty hands not only by you but by most family members.

These kinds of items are:

  • Door handles
  • Cabinet handles
  • The keys for the lamps
  • Your phone
  • The remote controls
  • The table
  • The toilet bowl
  • Dishwashing sponge


The floor

disinfect floor
Remember that the floor is one of the largest bacterial collectors and it is important to wash and disinfect it daily, especially during the winter months and the flu epidemics.

The most effective disinfectant liquid you can place on your home floor is bleach, diluted with water.


The living room

disinfect living room
In the living room, you probably have cabinets, furniture, appliances and other things that need disinfection.

For the cabinets, table and other surfaces in the living room, you can use all of the liquids above, depending on your preferences and what you currently have.


The bathroom

disinfect bathroom
The bathroom is the room that is the most prone to bacteria, so emphasize its complete disinfection and take the most time to clean it.

Inside you can use bleach or other disinfectant sprays and liquids.

The sink and the toilet are the two things you need to pay more attention to, as well as the nice cleaning of tiles, cabinets, shower, and mirrors.


The kitchen

The kitchen is one of the places where garbage is often collected, as food or crumbs of food are left on any small holes or on the floor.

Use any of the disinfectants to clean the cabinets, fridge, stove, kitchen countertop and anything you think may contain some food residue or be outdoors and bacteria may be present.

An important part of the kitchen is the sink and all the cabinet handles, as well as the door to the terrace if you have one.


The bedroom

disinfect bedroom
In addition to all of the above, like disinfecting cabinets, in the bedroom it is good to disinfect the wardrobe, dressing table and everything you have as furniture.

It is good to wash the curtains and the blankets as often as possible so that the germs do not stay in them.



At some times, all this seems difficult to accomplish as you need a lot of time to do it.
However, it is good to do it as often as possible to protect yourself and your family from seasonal flu.

In the case of COVID-19, it is a good idea to disinfect your home daily, especially if you are quarantined at home and you or another family member goes out, even for a little while.

Remember to wear gloves during disinfection to avoid injuring or burning your hands with any of the disinfectant liquids.

Always change your clothes after you are back home, as they may also have germs that can be spread throughout the home.

We advise you to beware and to be careful!

Author: Property4You

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