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6 Steps to Dealing with Bad Neighbours

Posted by admin on January 16, 2020
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We all hope to get along with our neighbors and make our everyday lives go away without unnecessary nerves and problems, but this is not always the case and people often have difficulty living with other people around them.

In the beginning, everything is normal, the neighbors are smiling and very friendly, but at one point they become pretentious and start arguing with you for everything.

It is hard to cope at this moment and stay calm, that’s why we are going to take a look at some examples in what situations you may encounter with your neighbors and how to solve your problems with them.


  1. What kind of neighbor are you?

Before blaming your neighbors who are obstructing you, first consider if you are obstructing them.

Do you listen to music too loud? Do you make parties at home with noisy friends? Or do you have a neighbor who always makes a note for each small and insignificant thing?

Try not to make too much noise in the afternoon, early in the morning or late in the evening when people often resting and don’t want to be disturbed.

This can be the reason they are not in a good mood and try to confront you. Some people get annoyed easily with everything so if you have such neighbors try to talk to them first. If you do everything by law, you will have no problems whenever the neighbors agree with that or not.

However, it is difficult to deal with the opposite situation, which in some cases is too much and deprives us of peaceful living.


  1. Communication

Whether your neighbors did something that disturbed you, you didn’t sleep because of a party at their apartment, they threw their bottles at the entryway, or something else, be sure to stay calm and talk to them.

Communication is the first step you can take to avoid being in a situation where you don’t like your neighbors.

Explain to them politely what the situation is so that they can understand that you have good intentions and it’s nothing personal about them.


  1. Take notes

Problems cannot always be resolved with talk, as some people do not like to listen to others and you find yourself in a situation where you have tried to talk with them, but the problems still exist and you need to move on to the next step.

You can’t know where the problems with the neighbors can go, so it’s good to keep notes of the date, time, what happened and even to take photos and videos in case that the things escalate for both sides.


  1. Meeting with the other neighbors

The reasons can be different but if it concerns loud noises or something with the entryway, perhaps other neighbors may be dissatisfied as well.

Organize a meeting, discuss the opportunities and try to talk with the problematic neighbors together so they can know they disturb more people, not just you.

At last, speak to your other neighbors and try to convince them to be on your side in case of court disputes and future brawls.


  1. Rights

Before taking any final action, check what rights you have as a resident of the building and what your neighbors’ rights are.

Some buildings have specific rights so that’s why it’s good to check them. You can also contact a lawyer if the case is more complicated and you don’t know how to react and what to do in order to solve the issue.


  1. Court

Try all of the above before claiming your rights in the court. Be careful not to resort to this stage, as it will cost you time, money and nerves.



Remember that it’s important to do everything possible to get along with your neighbors without unnecessary drama and a waste of time in institutions.

Don’t jump directly to the court, because this is the last step you can make, but not always the right one.

First try the easier and sometimes more effective steps because that way you can skip a lot of trouble in trying to find the comfort zone with your neighbors.

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