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15 Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

Posted by admin on February 13, 2020
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Are you wondering how to improve your home without spending a lot of money and time?

Whether you live in a house or apartment, it is a good idea to renovate the rooms so that they do not lose their charm and you will feel even more comfortable every day.

Below we’ve rounded up a list with some ideas on how to improve your home quickly and without costing you a fortune.


1. Wall stickers

Wall stickers are becoming more and more popular and many people choose to decorate their walls with them instead of wallpapers or paintings.

There is a wide variety – from black and white to colorful paintings, from small to large that cover almost the entire wall.

You can choose the right color and size which perfectly fits your home furniture and walls.


2. Shower curtain

The bathroom is also a place where you can decorate and change the colors. The easiest way is to change the shower curtain or add one.

There are a variety of colors and designs, so replacing the curtain would completely change the look of the bathroom.

If you do not have, you can add one, the installation is quite easy, in case you can’t do it by yourself, call a handyman who will do the job quickly.


3. Change the showerhead

Tired of your old showerhead or you want a different water stream to make your bathing even more enjoyable?

Another easy and fast change for your bathroom is to change the showerhead with a new one.


4. Arrangement of cabinets

Of great importance for the look of the rooms are the open cabinets, which shelves are visible as well as the items on them.

It often happens that we put and store unnecessary stuff on them. Therefore, a quick clearing and rearrangement of these spaces would be good for a better vision of the room.


5. Painting the walls

People often think that painting the walls is not so necessary and requires a lot of your time.

It brings a lot of freshness to the room, so we give you an idea that does not take away from all your time but refreshes your home.

Choose a color that goes with the furniture and interior and choose only one or two walls to paint.

That way the time will shorten and make it much cheaper, but at the same time, you will have one or more refurbished rooms.


6. Safety plug covers

An easy but also safer upgrade for your home.

The plug covers eliminate the chance of electric shock because it protects and restricts access to the plugs when they are not in use, but you can effortlessly open them when in need.

The covers also prevent dust, which is a quite difficult place to clean.


7. Chalkboard

Do you remember the old blackboards at school that you were writing on them with chalk?

They are now quite upgraded and can be purchased as self-adhesive canvases that you can cut and glue anywhere, so you can write and draw on them whenever you want.

Removing the labels as well the stickers is extremely easy.

They are ideal for usage on cabinets and walls, especially in children’s rooms, so that your children can unwind and draw. Also as table covers, to write your guests names or labeling your jars.


8. Window foil

Do you feel that you do not have enough privacy because of neighbors and nearby buildings or a street?

The solution is easy and inexpensive, and its installation is extremely fast.

Self-adhesive glass foils come with a variety of patterns or plain ones, the main purpose of which is to preserve your privacy, UV protection and restrict access to the inside of your home.

If you like colors, there are a variety of foils to make your home more colorful, but not so visible to passing by people or neighbors.


9. Mirrors

Setting a mirror guarantees more light in your home and also creates the feeling of more space.

If you have an old one, replace it with a new, or put another one in a different place.

The best places for mirrors are the hallways, close to the exit door or on the closet door in the bedroom.


10. Shelves

The wall in your living room is empty and you are wondering how to decorate it?

You can install different size and color shelves on which you can add books or sentimental things for you so that you create more coziness.


11. Light switch decoration

An idea which will freshen up your home and will add some color everywhere in your house.

Decoration stickers for the wall plugs or lighting switch can be used in any room, which is a great advantage as you easily and inexpensively creating charm.


12. Paper chandeliers

The paper chandeliers are cheap but also stylish and very easy to maintain.

When it gets dirty, torn, or ready to change, you can replace it with a new one quickly.

They are extremely suitable for children’s rooms, as children often want variety, and with this type of chandeliers you can always give them the color they want, and they can draw on them as well.


13. Paint the fireplace

Are you heating up on a fireplace or have one just for decoration? Paint the fireplace in white that will bring more style and elegance to your home.

Add more delicate colors over it, such as paintings, flowerpots, etc. to create the finished look.


14. Paint the stairs

Do you have stairs, want to change them and make them look like new again?

Paint only the bottom part with your favorite color. This will create a new, colorful and beautiful staircase.


15. Cushions

Adding decorative cushions to your home’s furniture creates a sense of comfort.

You can use them on shelves, as there are pillows in many colors, fabrics, and sizes for people of all tastes.

Other shelves and tables decorations are also not to be missed, with all kinds of figurines, candlesticks, vases, etc., so you can pick the right ones for your interior.



Renovating your home will bring a new look to your home, even with these small changes.

Whether you are adding more color or a new element to one or more rooms, be sure it is to your taste so that it’s even more comfortable and makes you feel good.

Author: Property4You
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